Answers to your questions

I know what you might be thinking.

1. I don’t have money to invest in this program.
It takes money to start or build any business, but the rewards are great. Assume you will run your business for 10 years (that’s 36,500 days). Suppose you are part of the Academy for just a year. The knowledge you gain from the Academy is not going to seep out of your head at the end of a year.

The platinum program investment is 32 cents a day ($12,000 divided by 36,500 days).
The gold program investment is 16 cents a day ($6000 divided by 36,500).
The silver program investment is 5 cents a day ($2000 divided by 36,500).

Do you want to build a 6 figure business for pennies a day? How can you afford to stay in a job or stay stuck?

2. I don’t have time to build my business.
How are you spending your time now? Are you watching television, surfing the internet, or spending hours on Facebook? Do you have a few hours a week to spend on YOU? Are you investing in your own growth? The Academy supports you in that growth. We’ll work together on step by step processes that build your business.

3. I don’t have the support.
Sometimes the people closest to you are the least supportive of what you want to do. They may be threatened by change. They may want to discourage you for other reasons. We call these people dreamstealers. The Academy gives you the support you need to see the business world differently, to get ideas for gaining clients, and to provide you with a community of like minded people.

4. I don’t know enough.
Many nurses are perfectionists. I recall that I spent 40 hours working on a sample work product – a complete work up of a failure to diagnose appendicitis case. I polished that report beyond any point of reason. It gave me an excuse to put off marketing. If you could get beyond your fear of failure, what would your life be like? If you had information, education, and support, what changes and accomplishments would be possible for you? How badly do you want to succeed?

5. I need to get more in place before I get a coach.
What will be different for you 6 months from now? How much time and momentum will you have lost if you wait?

6. What happens if I start at one level and want to upgrade?
Easy. We’ll talk about how to adjust your payment and give you the increased support you need.

Don’t delay. Join the Academy today and we’ll get started in helping you achieve your business goals.

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