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Your LNC Path to 6 Figures Mastermind Application


I am currently accepting applications for 10 very exclusive spots that, if you are chosen, will transform your life and business and the lives of the people you influence.

To be one of the 10 you must already be a successful LNC and you must be open to growing.

There is significant investment required; investment of your time, energy and money.  You will need to COMMIT, RISK and STRETCH in order to be successful in this group.

What you will receive is ONE FULL YEAR of mastermind support that will take you from feeling isolated to feeling supported by your peers. The program is designed to give you new ways of evaluating your business, new information to use in your business and new ways of tackling your challenges.

As one of the members of the Founding Circle (the first group of LNCs in the Mastermind), you will receive:


  • 12 monthly Mastermind meetings (online) focused on support & business growth ($2400 value)


  • Two 2-day in-person Mastermind retreats for support, education, and fun ($6,000 value)

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This does not even begin to add the value the income from your business as it grows!

The goal of this program is for you to build your LNC business.  For the right person, this opportunity can lead to the generation of a stronger 6 figure income.

Mastermind Fees

The full cost of the Mastermind is $12,000 EXCEPT for this year for Founding Circle Members.

For this year only, the Mastermind is $5500 if you pay in full. Founding Circle members will receive the option to renew the program at the completion of the 12 months at the rate of $5500 for one additional 12-month term.

Thereafter, renewing Founding Circle Mastermind members will receive a 20% discount off the full membership price applicable at that time.


When you apply and if you are accepted to be one of the elite 10 members of the 2019-2020 Your LNC Path to 6 Figures Mastermind, you are automatically a member of the Founding Circle.

There is a limit of 10 members of the Founding Circle.

Payment Options for Founding Circle Members

Pay in full: $5500 for first, and second year (if you wish to renew)

Two payment plan: $3,000 (every 6 months)

Monthly payments: $542

Note: Optional one on one coaching and consulting is available as an upgrade with Pat Iyer at $350 an hour.


Program Dates for the First Retreat:

Our first retreat will be in Denver on April 21-22 or April 26-27, 2020, exact dates to be determined.

You’ll also be responsible to paying for hotel, transportation, breakfast and dinner for the two retreats.

I will pick up the tab for lunch for the two days of each retreat.

The date and time of the monthly Mastermind calls are to be determined.