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Tentative Conference Topics (subject to change)

The Anatomy of a Personal Injury Case

How do plaintiff and defense attorneys see a case?

In this fast-moving session, attorneys on opposites sides of a case share their perspectives as to why THEY should have won the case. This session reveals the details of a real case with the attorneys who litigated the case. Plaintiff attorney Elliot Kolodny Esq will present, who represented the plaintiff in this case. Defense attorney will be Allan Levin Esq. 

Orthopedic Surgeon’s Perspective: What are the common injuries and complications associated with trauma? And how can you help the attorney litigating cases with those injuries?

The Role of the Life Care Planner: How does this professional contribute to the case, and what are the special nuances of personal injury cases?

Expert Fact Witness: Is this challenging role for you? Presented by Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC, who has written over 400 Expert Fact Witness Reports and trained LNCs how to take on this role.

Mitigating Federal Sentencing: How can the LNC help attorneys with this new area of practice? We’ve got the answers. With COVID rampant in prisons, attorneys need your help to keep their clients out of prison. Discover how your knowledge can affect sentencing. Presented by a Federal and State Defense Attorney, Simon Purnell Esq.

Virtual Trials: What is coming, how do they differ and what do you need to know to help attorneys with this method of trial? With courthouses closed due to COVID, attorneys are exploring the opportunities for alternatives.

Opioid Litigation: There are a lot of cases and a lot of opportunities for LNCs to help attorneys with the medical issues of these cases. Opioid usage is increasing in the COVID pandemic. Here’s what you need to know to assist with both inpatient opioid over-sedation and outpatient cases involving the manufacturers of opioids. Presented by Barbara Levin BSN RN ONC CMSRN LNCC and Joe Flores Esq. RN NP

The LNC’s Role with Employment Cases: Have you considered how you can help attorneys with cases involving Americans with Disabilities, Family Medical Leave Act, and healthcare workers who get COVID due to inadequate Personal Protective Equipment? Presented by Robert Heil Esq.

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