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Are You an Experienced Legal Nurse Consultant Who’s Interested in Adding to Your Income Next Year, and for Years Beyond,

All While Reducing Your Stress Level and Enjoying Your Life More?

I Can Show You How…

From Pat Iyer, MSN RN LNCC

As I write this, I’m at the end of my day.

I’ve been reflecting on how, if someone told me this would be my life when I first started nursing, I would have shaken my head and scoffed.

I was ready for my first job taking care of people. But life takes us in many places, doesn’t it?

Did you enter nursing with the desire to be a legal nurse consultant?

Me neither (the field did not even exist back then) but here we are, and we’ve done well.

  • We’ve gained knowledge to help attorneys understand the medical issues.
  • We’ve been able to assist in righting some wrongs and that feels great.
  • We’ve been paid well which has certainly benefited us and our families.

But what if I told you that you could take what you know and, with additional knowledge and know-how, you could very possibly add 6 figures or more to your income?

Yes, it depends on you…how you use the valuable information you’ll receive – or if you use the information at all. I can’t control your situation.

I can tell you, though, I’ve done it and I will give you resources through knowledge and expertise for you to implement and accomplish what I’ve had the great joy to experience. And it is really not that difficult. You just need a roadmap, people to guide you through a maze, a strong professional network of experienced colleagues, and information and resources you may call upon.

Is this opportunity for you?

I suspect having an extra six figures in income each year sounds good to you.

But it is important for you to know that this opportunity is designed for a very select group of only 10 LNCs who are uniquely qualified to be part of this experience I’m calling Your LNC Path to Six Figures Mastermind.


This is not for you if:

► You do not have an established and successful legal nurse consultant practice.

► You can’t invest time and money to advance your business now.

► You have all the answers you need to streamline and grow your business.

► You don’t like to work with and learn from others on the path to creating the type of business you dream of.

► You would rather do it yourself, working yourself to the bone, than to learn to work smarter and leverage your time more wisely and profitably


This is exactly what you’re looking for if:


► You feel isolated because you want to be with other successful LNCs but you’re surrounded by newbies struggling with the basics of the business growth challenges you have left far behind

You are excited to think about leveraging the power of the skills, experience and knowledge of other successful LNCs

You are ready and willing to be an active member of a community of ambitious, committed LNCs seeking business growth

You are looking down the path at a retirement time frame and want to make sure you can sell your business and retire comfortably

Believe me, I do understand. I was once like you…often feeling overworked and overwhelmed, pulling my hair out and guzzling caffeine to keep me going.   

woman-with-packing-tape mastermind7
But, those days are in my distant past.
Today, I have time to truly enjoy my family. In fact, I recently took off a week from work so my husband and I could attend our son’s wedding. And I didn’t think about work once while we were celebrating!
  • I enjoy my family and seeing my son and new daughter-in-law.
  • I enjoy my free time, when I kayak, walk, and read.
  • I enjoy my work, which now consists of coaching, writing and editing.

The good news is that I’ve figured out how to build and run a highly successful LNC business, and I can show you how to do what I did. Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

  • built an independent LNC business from scratch
  • achieved sales of over a million dollars a year for 5 years straight (and then sold the company for $1,000,000)
  • had a 80% client retention rate
  • am a past president of our professional association, AALNC
  • am an author and educator with deep knowledge of legal nurse consulting
  • am proficient at public speaking
  • ran a mastermind for professional speakers for 11 years
  • understand and put into practice successful ways an LNC can use internet marketing to create and maintain a vibrant business
  • continue gaining critical knowledge and skills by participating in professional masterminds

The list you just read shows the experiences and unique expertise I bring to Your LNC Path to 6 Figures Mastermind.


I’ve discovered the simple tools and strategies available to make business simpler and more profitable for you. With your involvement in the Mastermind, you’ll be uniquely poised to help more people with little or no additional stress.

Isn’t that what you desire the most?

In addition to the tools and strategies, I’ve learned a powerful secret: It is who you know. Building a strong professional network is key to increasing your revenue while decreasing your stress.

It is important to know who has the information you need to accomplish what you want… in this case to leverage your business to the level of your greatest dreams.


What You Need to Know to Fully Consider this Opportunity 

So that I can be certain we have the correct individuals as members of the Mastermind, you will submit a simple application.

After reviewing your application, I will ask that you schedule a call with me to discuss your individual goals and how you see yourself fitting into the Mastermind.

As you’ve read, I have hard-earned expertise.

BUT I also know there are others who have knowledge and talents who can help you increase your LNC business to the level you dream about.

I know those people and I will bring those people to you in Your LNC Path to 6 Figures Mastermind.

By leveraging the tools, strategies and knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll have less stress and more time and energy to be with those you love and follow your passions in those side areas you’ve always wanted to explore.

You will be transformed from an overwhelmed, overworked LNC business owner to a more confident LNC with greater profitability and the ability to enjoy your family, friends, and special projects.

You will acquire concrete tools and techniques to manage your business, so you are more profitable, more confident, more relaxed, and enjoying life more.

How Your LNC Path to 6 Figures Mastermind works

First, understand the 10 people chose for this Mastermind will be willing to share their experiences and expertise with other members of the group. If you are accepted, you will become a highly integral part of this experience.

This is the foundation of a true mastermind.  Every participant has knowledge and expertise AND shares that knowledge and expertise.


In Your LNC Path to 6 Figures Mastermind, we make a commitment to each other to share what we have and to keep this information within the group.

Once the 10 members have been chosen and we have identified your strengths, I will hand-select other key people to fill in any gaps in our knowledge base by offering additional education and services.

We will meet 14 times per year. Two of those meetings will be 2-day retreats where we come together to work on your business.

The other 12 meetings will be on-line, using Zoom, a video-conferencing platform. Each of these 12 meetings will occur once a month.

During these meetings I will:

  • Teach you tactics I learned from gurus
  • Reveal little known and highly effective techniques to grow your business
  • Save you time by weeding out what works from the fluff floating around
  • Stay on top of constantly evolving marketing techniques and share those with you as they happen
  • Model for you the step-by-step instructions I learned and used to sell my business for $1,000,000.

Additionally, you’ll receive password protected access to the members’ area on for recordings of online calls and resources for Your Path to 6 Figures LNC Mastermind.

Please understand:

  • I can’t guarantee you will one day, like I did, sell your business for $1,000,000. (You might sell it for more.)
  • I can’t even guarantee that you’ll add another $100,000 to your business revenue next year.
  • I can’t guarantee these things because I don’t know you. I don’t know your life circumstances, how you’ll implement what you’re taught, or what “life happens” events may derail our best plans.

But I can guarantee:

  • You’ll receive the tools, strategies and information you need to do what I have done.
  • I’ll provide the vision, skills, and ability to facilitate a mastermind that will enable everyone to fully participate and be energized by what they learn.
  • You’ll be a respected member of the group.
  • I am confident of my leadership skills and my ability to help other legal nurse consultants to achieve what I have achieved.
  • I am fully committed to helping you realize your dreams.

I am blessed. My business success enables me to have a lifestyle I envied years ago, and others envy now.

I split my time between Florida and New Jersey, avoiding the heat of Florida summers and the snow of New Jersey winters. Sheer bliss.

You can have your version of my dream fulfilled.


What You Need to Know to Fully Consider this Opportunity 

So that I can be certain we have the correct individuals as members of the Mastermind, you will submit a simple application.

After reviewing your application, I will ask that you schedule a call with me to discuss your individual goals and how you see yourself fitting into the Mastermind.

Let’s go over what you’ll receive as a Founding Circle Member of the Mastermind.

  1. Two 2-day retreats. The first one is to be arranged but will be before or after the AALNC conference in Denver in April 2020.
  2. Twelve online LNC Elite Mastermind meetings – one each month.
  3. Access to hand-picked experts as to provide the information you need to enable you to be successful.
  4. A password-protected site for all recordings and resources.
  5. The opportunity to renew membership in the Mastermind for a second year at the Founding Circle rate, and thereafter to receive a 20% discount on membership based on the prevailing rate.
  6. Me as Mastermind facilitator, a best-selling author, and as a business founder who achieved $1,000,000 per year in sales the last 5 years of running my independent LNC business before I sold it for $1,000,000.

Plus you my purchase the following bonuses at a significant discount to enhance your Mastermind Group purchase :

  1. Licensing agreement for Medical Records Made Easy for Attorneys for $1500.00 ($2500 value)
  2. Participation in Book Authoring Mastery for $1500.00 ($2500 value) for you to write your own book.
  3. Participation in Expert Fact Witness Mastery for $600.00 ($800 value) to expand your skill set and earn high fees as at expert witness rate. (You may substitute an LNC employee or subcontractor instead of going yourself.)
mastermind14 mastermind Book-Authoring-Mastery mastermind16

Your obligation:

  1. Be a fully participating member of the Mastermind
  2. A one-time only payment of $5500 (discounted from $12,000)


Two payment plan of $3000


            12-monthly payments of $542.00 (total $6500)

I’m looking forward to receiving your application to be a Founding Circle Member of Your LNC Path to 6 Figures Mastermind.

pat flipped


Pat is a certified legal nurse consultant with certification from AALNC. She is a true expert. A prolific author, she has written or edited over 800 books, chapters, articles, online courses and case studies.

  • A one-time only payment (discounted from $12,000)

  • $5,500yearly

  • Two 2-day retreats
  • Twelve on-line LNC Elite Mastermind meetings
  • Access to hand-picked experts
  • A password-protected site
  • My support as a Mastermind facilitator
  • Two payment plan (Two payments 6 months apart)

  • $3,000every 6 months

  • Two 2-day retreats
  • Twelve on-line LNC Elite Mastermind meetings
  • Access to hand-picked experts
  • A password-protected site
  • My support as a Mastermind facilitator
  • 12-monthly payments (total $6500)

  • $542a month

  • Two 2-day retreats
  • Twelve on-line LNC Elite Mastermind meetings
  • Access to hand-picked experts
  • A password-protected site
  • My support as a Mastermind facilitator